// set defaults values var slider=".slider"; // Set the slider (Work with multiple sliders) var transi=0.2; // How many Xs is needed for a slide to enter the screen var infi=1; // 1 if you want your slider to be infinite var auto=0; // "right" if you want the slide to scroll to the right or "left" for the left (require infi=1) var autotime=5000; // Every X/1000 seconds the slide scroll (require auto=1) // get sliders with class var sliders=Array.from(document.querySelectorAll(slider)); // set transition time of element var t=function(el){"s";} // get offsetX of the element var getTX=function(el){ var wc=parseInt(\(|\)/g,''),10); if(isNaN(wc)){wc=0;} return wc; } // set offsetX of the element var setTX=function(el,offset){"translateX("+offset+"px)";} sliders.forEach(function(slide){ // Height&Width of the slider var h=slide.clientHeight; var w=slide.clientWidth; // Set vars var previous=slide.getElementsByClassName('previous')[0]; var next=slide.getElementsByClassName('next')[0]; var sliderimg=slide.getElementsByClassName('slider-img')[0]; var imgs=sliderimg.querySelectorAll('*>*'); var nbimgs=imgs.length; // Set styles"px";"px"; if(infi==1){ // If infi=1, put slides at the begining and the end of the slider for smooth scroll var temparr=Array.from(sliderimg.children); temparr.unshift(imgs[nbimgs-1]);temparr.push(imgs[0]);>e.outerHTML).join(''); setTX(sliderimg,-w); } previous.addEventListener('click',function(e){ var wc=getTX(sliderimg); t(sliderimg); if(infi==1){ if((Math.abs(wc)/w)>1){ wc=wc+w; setTX(sliderimg,wc); }else if((Math.abs(wc)/w)>0){ // If this is the fist slide, swap to the end wc=wc+w; setTX(sliderimg,wc); setTimeout(function(){"0s"; setTX(sliderimg,-(w*nbimgs)); },transi*1000); } }else{ // Simple slide if no infi if((Math.abs(wc)/w)>0){ wc=wc+w; setTX(sliderimg,wc); } } }); next.addEventListener('click',function(e){ var wc=getTX(sliderimg); t(sliderimg); if(infi==1){ if((Math.abs(wc)/w)<nbimgs){ wc=wc-w; setTX(sliderimg,wc); }else if((Math.abs(wc)/w)<nbimgs+1){ // If this is the last slide, swap to the begining wc=wc-w; setTX(sliderimg,wc); setTimeout(function(){"0s"; setTX(sliderimg,-w); },transi*1000); } }else{ // Simple slide if no infi if((Math.abs(wc)/w)<nbimgs-1){ wc=wc-w; setTX(sliderimg,wc); } } }); if(infi==1){ if(auto=="right"){setInterval(function(){;},autotime);} else if(auto=="left"){setInterval(function(){;},autotime);} } });